Alexander Housalas is rarely found without a camera at the ready. While his passion lies within the photographic and filmmaking mediums, his career trajectory toward this point has been paved with a rich background in a multitude of media-based industries.


Alexander is the heart and soul behind Waxworx Media Group, an innovative and highly successful advertising agency. Since its inception in 2005, the agency has worked extensively with leading lifestyle and fashion brands, as well as media personalities and sports stars. The multi-faceted agency oversees each step of a brand’s beginnings from its grassroots level – design, content, marketing, media production – through to its launch on a public stage.


This year Alexander has ventured back into the world of filmmaking and photography. The transition will not come as a surprise to those who have tracked the director’s work: Alexander spent the nineties in the United Kingdom studying and working as an Architect, before returning to Sydney in 2000 to pursue a career in photography. After shooting several large-scale fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, Waxworx Media emerged, confirmation of his passion for combining media and diversifying across a range of documentary style projects.


Drawing influence from the noir style of filmmaking, Alexanders evocative works always aim to tell a story and to communicate a mood or emotion. Via his somewhat darker and rawer aesthetic, Alexander plays with key noir cinematographic elements of contrast and intense lighting techniques. Throughout each piece of work, the viewer understands that no movement, no line of dialogue, no shadow is there without purpose – each aims to elicit a conversation and meaning for the audience.


Across the scope of creative mediums, director and filmmaker, Alexander Housalas has truly established himself within the Australian and international market.